IT Horror Story #1,496…aka Get a Mop…

Ok that title should scare you a little bit right? 🙂

Really, Chris Webber has a good story about why he had to finally consider the cloud as a way to go…from TEN years ago.  Take a look at the article here, and tell me that’s not a horrible thing to have happen.  So yes, in this case he’s totally validated in looking to the cloud to take the heat off of him.  But the Cloud isn’t for everyone.  If you’ve got people who work offsite and people who travel and yada yada…it’s worth looking into.  If you aren’t able to, or don’t want to try to afford to manage a large onsite data center…take it offsite.  There are plenty of places (PCM is one) that’ll host your servers for you…a little extra OPEX nets your company a LOT more security, and you more sanity.  That list goes on…want to talk about it?  Call/Email me. 🙂

Another thought that occurs to me after reading Chris Webber’s story, is the amount of stress we put ourselves under.  I shared this on my Linked in site earlier, but thought it would be good to share here too.  I did this when I took my vacation to Alaska recently and I suggest it for you too.  (Both these steps and a trip to Alaska.)  It’s called the 3-Step Personal Offsite.  The notion that we all need to find the breather time to assess what’s going on in our lives is important.  Please do that.  I want y’all around a long time…


Good readers are hard to find.  Peace! 🙂



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