Windows 8.1 – What you’re going to get

Windows 8.1 isn’t the second coming…we already had that with Windows 7. 🙂  But, Windows 8 is the beginning of something new…and while not perfect, grows on people once they use it.  The most often asked question I get is “what is with the Windows 8.1 update?  Are they really bringing back the start button?”

SIGH…no they aren’t.

Ok…they’ve created the Windows Button which is an accelerated menu that will allow you faster access to things (that are faster to access in the metro menu) that are not directly on your desktop page.  What it does that is best overall, makes shutdown only a 2 click process.  But no, you’re not getting your windows 95 start button back…time to give up that ghost.  Mark Kaelin over at Technet put up a pretty cool list of all of the expected features of Windows 8.1…and the official document is up on Microsoft’s site as well.  Take a look read.

If you haven’t used windows 8…and I mean really used it, not that little kid stuff of “ew I don’t like it”…take it seriously and understand that it’s your best bet when it comes to dealing with Tablets and mobile devices in your space in the office.  You don’t have to force them into your network like Apple, or pray that they don’t bring the flu like Android.  *Shrug*  Promise me you’ll try it….and no I will not make Airplane noises. 🙂


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