Where there’s a Whip…

…there’s a way.  Right Microsoft?

Today marks the announcement of the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface RT 2 models.  They go on pre order tomorrow, September 24, and start shipping on October 22…the date of public release for Windows 8.1.  The Surface has opened to rave reviews by some, and disregard by others…and Microsoft has taken a beating in that market, but they don’t seem to care.

Windows 8 has has a hell of a good marketing campaign, in my estimation, and while people like to complain that it’s not exactly what they want (shock & horror) it still works rather well.  With the fixes in 8.1, it’ll be even better.  People are always resistant to change, and this is a big one…I totally get it. 🙂  However the Surface 2 is a push forward…look at these stats…

  • 10″ screen
  • Haswell i5 processor
  • 1920×1080 graphics
  • 75% more battery life
  • a docking station with 4 usb ports (1 3.0), ethernet and mini displayport
  • It can process raw 6k video footage

Nicely done.  Now while I can’t afford this…and really want a Lenovo Helix…it looks to be a pretty solid machine.  I’d order one if I had the money. 🙂

I’m just waiting to see if we here at PCM can take early orders for them…


keep your fingers crossed!

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