Air Ball!

Wow.  Today marks the release event for Apple’s new iPad, and Mac Pro.   Or should I say, “Airball right over the Ashcan.”  Sigh…I miss the innovention that used to come with new Apple events…that showed us advances in technology and how their products were going to change our lives.  Today all we get is a million dollar dog & pony show that shows us something that weighs less.

Yes, I can see that it uses the new A7 chip…and that means nothing to consumers who want to buy your devices.  They don’t understand it, and I only choose to understand it because I work in this industry.  Times were that you did a large product announcement to show off features that made us say “wow that’s going to change how I do business” or “that is going to be SO much easier now”.  Unfortunately those times are gone…instead we hear technogobbletygook about a new processor and how light something is.  Great so it can fit into more purses and murses out there.

The new Mac Pro?  The Ashcan.  The Mac Pro was THE unit to customize to your every hardware need.  The new one is as customizable as a mid 2000’s E-Machine.  Yes it’s kitschy and interesting-looking…oooh lots of ports you don’t need…nothing new outside of trying to make sure that you are a forever buyer of Apple products from Apple…surely not anyone else.

To quote a comment I saw today on CNet’s review of the Apple iPad Air, “Underwhelmed?  That’s an overstatement for Apple these days.”   We should all hold a wake and watch Apple sail off into the world of Microsoft during the days of ME and XP…where they dominated the world with nothing but bluster and hot air.  Disappointment is the word of the day, boys and girls.


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