Just the Facts, Ma’am…

Wow…thank you for the overwhelming response to my recent Surface Has Landed post.  Many of you asked for comparisons between the new iPad and Surface 2.  While I don’t have that exactly, I do have a comparison that shows the Surface vs the iPad in general.  Just note that the new iPad air is .44 lbs lighter and has the same chip that’s in the new iPhone.  I believe this actually makes the iPad no longer a tablet, and instead is a large Phablet.  Take a look…

surface 2 infoAlso…how about some pictures of the Surface running 8.1 in action?   Everyone likes pics! 🙂  Here you can see the Snap function from Windows 8.1 allowing me to check my gmail and look at Facebook at the same time.


LinkedIn and the PCM website as well.  Note that the snap division is not centered…8.1 allows you to off center it for a larger version of one of the Apps.  If you try and launch a 3rd window, it will hover and wait for you to flick out one of the two snapped windows.


My day some days with already clogged 3 displays at work, I’ll be running a split screen on my Surface Pro handling some of my spreadsheets in Excel.


Another personal favorite.  While some call the digital pen a “throwback” to the early 2000s and the first tablets…it does make note taking a breeze when I can’t type.  Yes it’s my messy handwriting, but who cares?  I’m the one reading it.  As many of you know, I have made Networking, Mobility and MDM a primary focus of mine over the past year, and if you’re considering how to deal with that in the future…let’s talk Surface and how to manage a real Tablet.


who has pics of their own to share? 😀


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