Cyber Monday Rules/Blues

Howdy folks…glad to be back.  I had a bit of a case of DEAD COMPUTER for a week and a half in there, coupled with customer visits and trying to juggle too many chainsaws than I could handle at one time…

However it is Cyber Monday, and despite the setback of a new desktop and having to do over 300 windows 7 updates…I am back. 🙂  So…below you’ll find some things that PCM is putting on sale for today…and if I can give you free shipping this week, I will if you ask for it.  (Always better to ask than assume or not at all!)  To all my friends and family who don’t have a corporate account with me, you can still get deals from me if you go through my BD site for Temple of Lore, following these instructions:

1) point your browser to
2) Login with : TOLUSER, password: toluser1138
3) Create your own Credit Card account
4) shop by searching, or give me a call/email to discuss what you need

Simple as that!

Now the aforementioned deals…You can click them to get more information, but contact me here or via email to purchase! 🙂

surface 2 CMsale









macbook pro CMsale





elitebook laptop CMsale






hp 23in display CMsale toshiba laptop CMsale


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