Cisco, buy my desktops!

Cisco has wanted in on the desktops and servers game for a VERY long time.  When they released their UCS server systems onto the market recently they met with decent success and have actively been working to grow that product in an already very competitive market.  What happened yesterday wasn’t too much of a surprise when I read it, because it seems to me that it was on Cisco’s radar quite a while ago.

Yesterday, Cisco announced Desktop as a Service (DaaS – anyone else find these acronyms silly?).  Now basically this helps allow for clients to build their own Virtual Desktops or subscribe out to Cisco’s Cloud for them to provide all of that.  Of what they mentioned in that LONG article were these 3 bullet points that caught my eye…

  • Improved density of hosted virtual desktops offering up to 252 virtual desktops on a single UCS blade server
  • Support for end user applications that require high-quality rendering of immersive, 3D graphics
  • New UCS Solution Accelerator Packs for Desktop Virtualization, providing simplified ordering

Look at #2.  So they’re saying that they can provide a virtual desktop that can render immersive 3D graphics?  Wow.  These have come a long way from the Dumb Terminals of the 1970s and 1980s! 🙂  Let’s not go back to those nightmares.

Tell me what your thoughts are on Desktop as a Service.  I’m always curious to hear.



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