Surface boot time

Howdy again folks!

I was asked by a client about the boot time for the Surface Pro, because he’s considering getting one.  Rather than say “after using a laptop this thing is smoking fast!”…I thought I’d show him.  Here you go…more of me than you need to see, but it works.

Want me to record more videos?  Give me some feedback! 🙂  (don’t worry I won’t be in them if I can help it)

Have a peaceful end to your Wednesday. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Surface boot time

  1. Good point. The chromebook is a thinner and lighter OS build, and so yes it will load much faster. Because the Surface Pro is loading a full desktop OS it’s going to run slower. Utilizing the picture password for Windows 8 is safer and faster than a typed nonsense word also. 🙂

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