“She’s Got Bette Davis Inkjet Eyes…”

In today’s weird-er news for technology, I couldn’t pass this one up.  So apparently scientists are considering using INKJET technology to print human cells.  Yes, you read that right, print human cells.  Not just to look at, but they grow and expand and live on their own.  Before you go screaming, looting and burning in a crazed frenzy of fear, the cells they’re printing are retinal cells.  The point is to grow new retinal cells and effectively new eyes for blind people.  Right now they have successfully printed retinal cells for rats, so humans are not that far away.

This doesn’t scare me at all…in fact, this is so awesome, it’s why I love technology! 🙂  I’m curious as to what the next 25 years have in store for us.

Now if they could get on that cure for diabetes…


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