Don’t Let Business Continuity Be Your Titanic…

Hey there folks…I wanted to round out 2013 with a post about Business Continuity.   First, isn’t that the most BORING way to talk about something that is designed to SAFEGUARD and SECURE your company’s assets?  You don’t want your business to just go on…and on and on and on. (Anyone remember And And! and And?)  You want it to THRIVE and GROW!

So rather than build yourself an “unsinkable” Titanic, you need to build yourself out with multiple layers.  Do you just back things up to one hard drive or one tape?  No way…you’ve got backups and double backups more than likely.  Why just back up to tape?  it’s reliable yes, but finding information?  Welcome to the speed of computing in 1979!

Is this really how you want to find things your people need right now?

Is this really how you want to find things your people need right now?

No way…you’re going to need to look at D2D or even avoiding spinning disk and going right to SSD for your choice of storage.  Think about it.  When the CEO calls and says, he and legal need an email from 7 months ago…archived to tape…and they need it in 3 hours for a meeting…what are you going to do?   Before you pack up your desk and run for the unemployment office, had you archived to tape and backed up to a local or cloud setup, you wouldn’t be in this mess at all.


One of the great things I did read last week was this article about Business Continuity and in it they talk about setting up a list for you to follow that will help ensure that you’ve got everything under control.  That’s fine and dandy, and it’s a good list to have, but at no time will everything be under your control…don’t fool yourself, just accept that some things won’t be in your control and you’ll better survive protecting the company assets.

Folks, in all seriousness…Business Continuity usually falls on the IT personnel because of how capable you are.  Really.  Now you know, and I know, that you don’t know everything…so go to a consultant (you know, people like me who can help you) and ask for help.  Most of us already hand out free advice, but we can usually help you plan something inside and out using our inside teams or vendors/manufacturers.  It Never hurts to ask. 🙂

Either way…have a great rest of 2013 and a happy 2014! 😀

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