Howdy 2014! / Hasta La Vista, 2013!

Ah a new year…smells like technology updates!  I’ve got a couple articles coming today and tomorrow….and then on monday, my new contributors are going to be chiming in as well, so look for what they have to say too! 🙂  So any resolutions out there?  Me, I’ve resolved to work harder to get my vision of what people in my line of work should be doing to help their clients.  What’s that you might ask?  Good, old-fashioned, honest caring about the client first and my bottom line second.

I know you’re saying, “Wait what?  Aren’t you technically a salesman?”  Technically speaking I could be one…but I choose to be a Problem Solver (hence the Time Lord moniker) instead of a Problem Creator.  What I’ve found is that my clients work with me because I listen to them, and do my best to understand what they want.  It doesn’t always jive together, so I’m working on that…but we’ve been really happy through most of 2013, and if I keep at it, we’ll all have a great 2014 as well.

If I ramble it’s only because I like you…

We all have clients…if you’re in IT and reading this, your clients are those people who don’t always appreciate what you do for them every day, and bosses who think penny pinching will help when it only makes your job nigh impossible.  Strive to work WITH them…LISTEN to what they have to say…be a problem solver for them too.  A little more effort that way, makes less negativity and less work in the long run for everyone.

For now, enjoy this comic and if you’re back at work today, give me (or your PCM rep) a call.  We’re here and trying to find people who aren’t off in vacation-land until Monday the 6th. 🙂
#ITsolutions  #Intelligenceinbusiness

Remember, be the person on the RIGHT side this year!

Remember, be the person on the RIGHT side this year!


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