Starting 2014 with new Manpower!

Hello everyone!  I’m Dwight Tabangcura, one of Mike’s teammates here at PCM, and I’ll be working with him and a few others here on the Dragontech Blog.  Today I wanted to tackle something that plagues both IT and the people who hire for IT positions…Hiring the RIGHT personnel.

I recently saw this article  about forecasting hiring in Q1 2014, and according to Manpower , the outlook is positive!  A great thing to hear for next year, right?   This got me to thinking about my clients and if they were ready to hire the right people?  Clearly having someone with experience and knowledge is key, but what else should you consider?  The car they drive?  Their favorite starbucks drink?  Try considering ATTITUDE.  A person’s attitude needs to bring out the best in them and the people around them every day.  Who wants to work hard around someone with a bad attitude?  Not me!  (editor: This is why I like Dwight. – ML)

Lastly, if you have some bad attitude folks you might want to consider training it out of them before you just turn them into a sacked quarterback.  Teach people to have a better attitude with your own good attitude toward work and life.  All of the little bring-me-downs about “Monday sucks” or “Is it Friday yet?” actually do more harm than good.  Your people should want to be there every day, and so should you.  Think about it.

If you want help bringing in new IT personnel, let us know…we’re QUITE good at it!

monday awesome


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