2014: The Year of IT

A great big howdy out to all of our Dragonites who follow and read every day!  How did that work for an ostentatious title for a blog post?  How can I get away with saying something like that?  Well, true it’s my blog post, but really the stuff that should be going on this year is going to expand the reach of IT leaps and bounds.

Even the most famous frog needs a tablet!

Even the most famous frog needs a tablet!

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a report from the Spiceworks community that was quite an eye opener about the thoughts of the folks like YOU for the coming year.  Now while this is based on a poll of a LOT of It professionals, it says a lot.  Here’s some of the breakdown:

  • 65% of IT professionals surveyed will be refreshing hardware this year (42% will be tablets)
  • 59% of businesses utilize tablets, and that number will likely jump to 70% this year
  • Budgets are going up for businesses under 250 persons, but trending downward for larger companies
  • only 21% of IT departments think they’re hiring (reports from Robert Half push that number up to 50% actually) in 2014
  • Cloud Services make up 11-12% of purchases planned for 2014
  • Server Virtualization has grown from 54% in 2010 to 72% in 2013…and that trend is still moving up

Interesting stuff if you ask me.  Looks like most of you have a lot on your plate for this year…and it’s time to schedule a phone meeting with myself or my team members to talk about where you want to go, and how we’ll help you get there.


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