Wear Me This

BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable)

Yes, you heard right. BYOW.  This trend seems to be picking up steam and its projected to be the next play in technology.  At the CES 2014 Las Vegas just this week, wearable devices were noticably everywhere.  Smart glasses, watches, bracelets, visors just to name a few. Even smart devices for your pet!

Come on, you know you want a pair of these!

Come on, you know you want a pair of these!

Corporations are taking notice and so are big name manufacturers. We all know about Samsung and Apple smart watch.   Microsoft has a wearable research and development deparment.  Imagine data being transfered through your body!  Shiver me timbers 🙂  Lenovo is rumored to be exploring wearables.  They are in the planning stages, but I’m sure it will be something to “Think” about.  Get it..Think as in Thinkpad HAHA.  Even the processor giant Intel is getting in on the idea.  Intel is teaming with a design label company to develop a wearable bracelet.  A fashion bracelet that has a giga”Byte” to it.  Not only sexy, but smart also!   **Low Whistle**

"So my laser pointer next to my eye isn't a trend setter?"

“So my laser pointer next to my eye isn’t a trend setter?”

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.  Beware IT administrators as this will most likely be another device to protect your network.  And beware you husbands as this will add another piece of clothing to ask the wife “Honey where is my fashion bracelet?”


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