5 reasons why to use the Oracle T10000D

Howdy folks!  I’ve been working on several backup/archive/Disaster Recovery projects with clients over the past 5 months…and this was a new surprise to me.  To be honest, I’ve only started working with Oracle recently with the help of my director who knows their procedures well…and I’ve been stunned at the response.  I came into this industry and was told “Oracle doesn’t work with companies like PCM, and smaller reps like you.”  Sounds pretty awful doesn’t it?   Wasn’t a lick of truth in there when I first met with them 2 weeks ago.  Not only did they pretty much already understand what to do for my client when we first spoke, but the product we chatted about today just blew me out of the water.

Here ya go…the StorageTek T10000D. (T10KD for short)  So, I did some digging for information and this article here will give you more of the tech and less of Mike-Speak…but my list below says it all! 🙂

  1. 8 TB native storage (8.5 with StorageTek software) – Since LTO6 tops out at 2TB, how awesome is this?
  2. Beefy 2GB Buffer – Not many bottlenecks here!
  3. 16GB Fibre Channel and 10GB FCoE – Open Systems and Mainframes here we come!
  4. 252 MB/sec sustainable data rate – Your backup window is shrinking daily, let’s meet it with lots of time to spare!
  5. LTFS support – Drag and Drop file management…doesn’t that make you sigh with relief?

Watch the video below…pretty good stuff!  Any questions…contact me! 😀

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