FYI – Cisco reports Android and Java are top mobile security targets

Hello All and Happy Friday!  Stacy here with an awareness report.  Security and hackers are always a hot issue and that’s why I found the following read an interesting one.  Cisco reports that Android mobile operating system is the target of 99% of the world’s mobile malware.  Not only that the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) listed 79 percent of all mobile threats as being designed to target Android in August 2013.

‘Droid Influenza is never anything to be chortled at.

Android and Java top security targets for malware and hacks

If you do have a Google Android device, be extra careful when downloading and adding applications, even from their marketplace.  You can become a potential target, and while this can relate to Android’s open source nature, don’t fool yourself into a false sense of security.  This is not to speak poorly of Android (that’s right! – editor), it’s one of the prices paid from using an open system.  Apple has their own issues with their marketplace recently, so nobody is immune.

“put your head on my shooooooulder…Anndroid.”

Another thing to be aware of is the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy as a growing number of employees are using these personal smartphones and tablets alongside company laptops in the workplace.  This trend created problems with device recognition and password reset requests. Certain devices could connect only over the wired network, others just to Wi-Fi, and some not at all. So, a robust BYOD framework is a strategic priority.  Zero Trust is the best policy to follow when it comes to BYOD, just be aware that some employees will push back and not want you deleting their phones on “a whim”.

Have an awesome Friday!

Even with malware issues, the Force is with Android. 😉

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