5 Reasons The Death of XP is BAD for Your Organization

It’s on the way…the end times are near.  The XPocalypse is nigh.  Heck I even added a countdown clock on the right to remind you, our amazing readers, that it’s coming.  Now, y’all know I’ve talked about this a lot over the past year, and will keep talking about it until even after the end of support for Windows XP comes.

Trust in the PCMDragontech team...we've got you covered!

Trust in the PCMDragontech team…we’ve got you covered!

“Why, Mike?  WHY must you besiege us with this?”  The cries come in…but no, we must press on.  The security and modernization of your systems needs to happen now.  This isn’t Mike the Salesman here…this is Mike, the Time Lord of IT Consulting talking to you.  The cries of “but XP works for our system” have rung out for years…through Windows 7 and now after the startling appearance of Windows 8…but to no avail.  People, hear me…don’t let yourself be drug down into the pits of despair and stolen money…Yes Money.  ATMs use XP at an alarming rate…and those boxes at the bowling alley, theater, 7-11, etc…they’re easily hackable with a USB key.  (i’m not showing you how.)

Yup, hackable with a knife and a USB key. Start using your local BANK’s ATM now…to avoid the rush. 🙂

Ok…to reiterate:

  1. No more security patches
  2. No more updates
  3. No more security patches
  4. No more support

“We removed internet access, so we’re safe” doesn’t fly anymore…you’re just as vulnerable.

Don’t let this be you…reach out, tell us you want to handle this and we’ll help you. 🙂


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