Super Sunday brought to you by…IBM?

In lieu of the BIG GAME..the WORLD WATCHING…the SUPER BOWL, I thought I would write something about the final NFL game of the season and the best sport ever.  FOOTBALL!!!  (ok American Football for the international readers).  Go Cowboys !!

What does it have to do with IT you ask?  Absolutely everything.  What?  Yes…the sheer amount of uncompressed video data that the NFL needs to store is immense (check this video from IBM), but they were able to leverage the power of over 600 servers and IBM’s storage infrastructure to make it work.

BAM! That’s a lot of VMware on 600 servers!

Truly it’s the most watched sporting event in the world.  Besides, you know its part of our culture when the priests at church takes it easy on the sermon for Super Bowl Sunday.   Parties are planned for that day, and commercials are actually watched because companies will spend $4 million of their advertising budget on a 30 second commercial.  The Halftime entertainment is even  entertaining, if you’re in for that kind of stuff.  (I can’t remember when one was ever good…but it’s a matter of taste – Editor)  Heck, even fashionistas are getting into the hype of the Super Bowl.  You have to see this 🙂

Mark you calendar.  February 2, 2014.

Next week I will post some interesting facts about the making of the commercials made for the Super Bowl…..stay tuned…


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