Valentine’s Day

Howdy everyone!  Mike Leader here this go around.  I’ve been pretty sick with a heinous cold over the past week and a half, so everything has been a bit spotty.  My little team has been swamped with their phones ringing off the hook (I guess some of you must have liked them), so they’ve been post-less as well.

I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a day for just the one person you love (she gets that year round…I’m amazed she isn’t sick of me yet) but to also remind us to take time to think of everyone in our lives we care about.  It may sound cheezy, but even after all the friends I have that I care about, my clients all fit in there too.  I wouldn’t get to be here writing this if it wasn’t for my clients trusting me…I couldn’t afford my nice condo here in Los Angeles and all the expenses of living here without them…but most of all, the satisfaction of being able to help people who need you is the greatest payoff.

Never has it been an intention of mine to sell anyone anything from this blog…despite what some might think, want, or had me to do.  (Remember that awful “deals” page? Wasn’t my choice.)  This is the place where I tell the people who trust me what I think about the industry, what cool things are out there, what’s coming, and what I think y’all should be watching out for.  They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions…well apparently this is a superhighway, and AC/DC is screaming in the background. 🙂

I’ve been working the past couple days on a piece about 3D printing…which is something that everyone in IT and tech needs to get up to date on quickly.  Much like with the Cloud, changes are a-comin, and I want y’all to be proud lions with your noses to the wind and not the ostriches with their heads in the sand.  Look for that to start next week.

For now, enjoy tomorrow for what it is…but remember that y’all aren’t far from my thoughts.

Best wishes!


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