Welcome to Google+!

I would tell folks 3 years ago how annoying Facebook was…and how friends and family forced me to be on it.  But like most people, even when presented with a way out, I didn’t take it.  Well today I am…with PCM and this Blog.  So as of today, I have a Google+ site that you can follow me on.  Everyone loves +1s and this blog will also update there too.  I’m in the process of adding pages of content there in the coming weeks that will mirror some of the Blog, and what I wanted to do there, but was limited by the WordPress setup.

For the newbies reading this on Google+, here’s a couple of my recent past posts so you can get caught up.  ESPECIALLY on the 3D printing.  If you’re a personal friend on my Google+ account, get me in touch with your work’s IT team.  Don’t have one?  Wow you need me even more! 🙂

3D Printing part 1

3D Printing part 2

Disaster Recovery Just Sucks, Doesn’t It?

Red Alert: Apple stepping in!

I”m going to leave you with an amazing version of a song everyone from my Generation knows.  Enter Sandman…by an equally awesome bluegrass band called Iron Horse. 🙂  Peace.

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