XP dies next week, Now Adobe CS6 is in Hospice

Trust in the PCMDragontech team...we've got you covered!


Well I’ve harped on enough with all of you about the end of Windows XP.  Yup, next tuesday…poofda, no support, no bug fixes/patches…hell for an operating system.  Heck, my company held a funeral for XP recently, you can see it below.

But more importantly, in case you hadn’t heard, the folks at Adobe moved their product to their Creative Cloud model last year.  That setup basically means you pay an annual/monthly subscription fee for their products and you’re kept up to date.  Their meaning behind this is valid, as it forces companies & users to stay up to date, reduces their SKU pool (if you only knew the joy of going through a 45000 line excel document looking for 1 sku), and should make companies happier with an OPEX expenditure instead of a CAPEX one.

Now I can assume that some of you have already got the sweats, but let me help.  You see, on June 1, 2014, Adobe will no longer be selling their CS6 product.  It’s gone.  Kaput.  So buy it in the next 2 months or forget it.  Change can really suck for some of us, but I’m telling you now to get over it.  The death of XP has proven that holding onto something for too long is only detrimental to your business and your sanity.  Being fluid and full of forward movement is the way to stay in business.

Most importantly on 6/1/14 the price for Creative Cloud jumps back up to $600.  Don’t let this kick you in the ass…call me or the rest of the Dragontech team and get on board before you lose a lot of money.  Don’t want to talk to us, fine, take it to your regular supplier…but know we care about your bottom line, or we wouldn’t be putting this up now.

Don’t be that person who is still clinging to the past.  Embrace the future…it gives good hugs. 🙂

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