Dragonfly: The Latest Threat

Dragonfly  The Latest Cyber Espionage Threat   Symantec

Howdy folks!  If you haven’t heard of Dragonfly, it’s time you got to know these guys.  Their virus, known as Energetic Bear, is a lot like Stuxnet, only targeting energy production.  The virus allows the folks controlling it to monitor and change the applications that alter the way consumption is monitored, or allow them to crash the systems of various systems.  This is espionage related for sure (since the US and Israel created Stuxnet to hamper Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons) since this mirrors that kind of attack.  Symantec has been up in arms about this and whatever you want to think about them, they’re at least broadminded enough to bring the information to you and everyone else.

Symantec will be holding a webinar on this, July 10 for anyone who wants to attend.  I suggest that you should really be on this webinar please. 🙂


More info from Symantec’s Blog here.


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