Technical Leashes

Face it, we already know that Americans are addicted to their smartphones.  So much so that they can’t go more than a day without one.  That study also shows that people aged 18-25 would rather go without deodorant than their smartphone for a day.  Granted these are blind polls and they usually can be skewed to make consumers look stupid, but really?  Back in 2012, I took my smartphone on the road with me, as my wife and I mixed meeting clients across the western states with a great tour and staying at the family homestead in Wyoming.  That little Windows Phone only left its cup in the car when I had to take photos after my little camera died.  I checked my work email twice in 2 weeks…fielded 1 text…and for all intents and purposes, was off the grid.  The notion of a leash is what you want it be…however… ????????????????????

Leashes will only define you if you let them.  Like anything else.

Now, one of the things I’ve been wanting to talk about is wearable tech…one of those things where your technology is attached to you, not the other way around.  Smartwatches, smart-armbands, Google glasses…there are all kinds of things that fall into this category.  A couple years back my wife and I were on Jenny Craig’s weight loss system, and they wanted to strap one of these devices to my arm, charge me for it and then use it to criticize how I wasn’t losing enough weight with that things data to back them up.  Naturally I refused and ended up leaving that program frustrated.  Would things have been better had I stayed on with that device?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Thing is, now i can see the validity of them.

Recently I read a book called Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom (Read it for free here!).  Great book, but the reason why I bring it up is because everyone in the future has implanted tech that allows them instant access to all of humanity’s knowledge.  (Yes now everyone could be just like that jerk who looks things up during an argument.)  When the tech doesn’t work for a character in the story, they nearly become an outcast in their society.  The opposite happens today.  I see people with new tech periodically, and I’m the guy who’s going to ask them about it.  You should too!  This stuff is here to stay and it will keep on coming!  Every little bit of advance that can make your life more organized, easier to live or longer lived…usually isn’t a bad thing.  People just fear change.

Don’t fear it, embrace it.  So when you see a person with Google Glasses, ask them what it’s like.  Who knows, you might make a new friend!  Check out Mashable’s Wearables newsfeed


and have a great Monday/Tuesday!  See you later this week!


-Mike Leader


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