Raining Down…

I’ve always had a soft spot for Phil Collins.  Call me a dork.

Anyway, I’ve had Cloud on the Brain the past few days, talking to clients about PCM’s new Cloud Data Center that has opened in Ohio recently.  Cloud Services are a tricky thing to manage, let alone be a business in need of them.  You have to know if you need a Private Cloud, can use a Public Cloud or a little of both…known as a Hybrid Cloud.  Every business that has more than 10 people out there already has a private cloud, because you have data storage at your offices on premise.  That’s that stuff you have to back up now and then so when Mongo pulls the Power Cord, you’ve still got a business.  A Public Cloud is going to an outside service like Amazon, PCM, Barracuda, or Google Cloud, and allowing them to keep your data for you.  The trick is to utilize a Hybrid Cloud model…the best of both worlds.  Let me explain…

cloud need data


A Hybrid Cloud setup utilizes on-premise hardware as per normal storage (Private Cloud), but for your failover, you reach out to the provider’s (Public Cloud) setup you have for more storage, permanent or temporary.  The control still lies in the your hand, as most Public Cloud companies have their own interfaces, and they don’t always work with everything…while SAAS (Software as a service) has its benefits, the detriments of system redesigns breaking your setup are a reality.  So that calls for you to build something AND go offsite…best of both worlds!

The Cloud IS a useful tool, if you’ve got experts on your side to help you.  Secure those allies and it can be bent to your will.  I’ll give you a hint, while i’m not a HUGE expert, I have people on my teams here that always make me feel the mental midget when it comes to this topic.  I’d like to get you in front of them to talk about this.

So really, let’s sit down for 20 minutes and talk in depth about what you want to do with your storage and how the Cloud can make things easier.  I have several clients I can refer to , and I know there are many others my employer has helped so far that we can talk about.   :):):)

-Mike Leader


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