Ergotron Workfit – A Personal Review

Howdy, my millions of fans!  (Actually I think it’s hundreds, but I can dream right?)

I’ve been quiet as of late because Summer has been really busy for me work-wise, and I was on vacation for half of August.  (If you like games and have never been to Gencon, you need to go)  But during July I won a contest with Ergotron, one of our suppliers and a great partner of mine here at PCM.  They specialize in providing ergonomically focused accessories for displays and workstations that help us be healthier at work.

At first I was skeptical of what something like the Workfit could do.  At the time I had 3 screens on my desk and did find myself hunching into them every day.  My back was miserable, and I started seeing a Chiropractor in June.  While he helped, he did tell me that I needed to stand half of my workday and stop sitting so much.  Along came the Workfit prize, and I was excited to give it a try.  I came from a Retail Management background where I stood for 90% of my day in a retail store…and since I was healthier when I worked that way, I thought it wouldn’t hurt much to give this a try.

So, I was told that it was all given the OK through Human Resources, and the prize arrived the week before I was to leave on vacation in August.  Ergotron, in their awesomeness, opted to install it for me while I was out of the office…so after 2 weeks I came back to find it installed.

workfit day 1

Pretty cool isn’t it? 🙂  When I lift it up off of the desk from where it sits, it is level with my eyes, and I can stand “at ease” and work away.  Resting my hands on it doesn’t force it down, and it is rather stable.  So the first day I think I stood for 6 hours…I was so excited.  Later that same day, I discovered that I could sit with my chair at the right height for my stature, and with the unit on the desk like you see in the picture, my back was straight and it was a WORKOUT for my slouchy back!

In a day and age where “Sitting Sickness” is a real thing, and people combat it with expensive gym memberships or eat-like-a-bird diets…in the past 2 weeks, I’ve lost 3 lbs.  No diet change, no exercise change…just standing for at least 2 hours during an 8 hour workday.  My back and shoulders don’t hurt as well.  My feet complain a little bit, but they’re just out of shape.

EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS THESE FOR THEIR PERSONNEL.  Hands down, end of story.  Go to for information!

Sitting should not be the norm.  I’m in sales…I need to be moving, on the ball, excited.  Nothing is exciting when you’re sitting.  My coworkers are jealous in a good way…they want to know how they can get one too…and that’s going to drive HR and Facilities nuts…but I don’t care.  We all need to be healthy, and this is a step in the right direction.  Heck, I gave up Aspartame in my diet last week and haven’t looked back…the Ergotron Workfit has shown me how.

Try one today at your company…see the difference it will make.  Save your company money on sickdays, back injuries, diabetes issues, heart issues…the list goes on.  Have any questions, contact me and ask!!!!

Here’s a shot of it at full height.

workfit 2

Best of Health to you!

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