Google Apps & PCM!

This is a rehash of my post on LinkedIn…I don’t know how many of you cross pollinate so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post the information here. 🙂

Howdy Folks! We here at PCM just added on Google Apps for work as something we can help provide for our clients. With specialized packages and plenty of options…which you can see below, we can help you be more successful!

Google Apps has unique characteristics that makes it the right solution for more than 5 million companies…

Better Collaboration – a new way to collaborate, resulting in higher productivity and more connected teams.

Cloud-Based – Accessible online, Google Apps is easier to use on the go, and on any device, but allowing for offline editing. No hardware to purchase and install either!

Continuous Innovation – Between online storage through Google Drive, Priority Inbox for organization, and video meetings with Hangouts…Google’s innovations are there to save you time and money.

12 Month licenses for this product start at $45 per seat. Contact me for more details! 🙂


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