Title? I’m new here, I don’t need a title!

Hello Dragontech followers! Bryon Sosnowski here again, a new team-member here with the PCM Dragontech team. I wanted to see who out there got a chance this year to take in CES, & yes the (in)famous Las Vegas buffets?  If you were like me, you saw snippets online, but I got the play by play from my lovely wife Denise, who was hands on at the event.  While in the course of my CES duties (picking up & dropping off from LAX), I stumbled upon some interesting brain teasers from CES…so please enjoy & let us know your CES moments, thoughts, ideas.

Fake nails that conduct electricity so you can use your smartphone?

You know, not everyone has a budget to get themselves to CES or can leave for lunch to peek in and see the new trends.   So do what I do…poke around online!  🙂  After seeing this article from Devin Coldewey over at NBC News, it got me to thinking about how so many companies are trying to think outside the box now…And not just wacky stuff, wacky stuff that’s useful.  (What parent doesn’t want that pillow to sing their kid to sleep?)

“SHHHH!” Mute your tv with your voice. Finally something that will listen to you, because we know your kids don’t.

In the end there’s a lot of new technology coming out  there and we can help you with those. Just ask!



Back up to that Cloud!

Hello Dragontech followers! I’m Bryon Sosnowski, the PCM Dragontech team’s new IT Solution Medic. Adding to the belief that if I don’t tell you who I am, you’re going to think Mike is crazy(er), there should be another post this week from our 4th team member, Stacy…and she is Not-Mike too. 😉  Seriously though, we are working together to bring you more news, information and discussion than Mike could do by himself.  So, you should get used to more info and more fun!

You know, having to utilize the Cloud on any given day is nice… Nice that you can store/place YOUR personal, pictures, & of course confidential info in a storage area offsite from where you are, keeping it easily accessible. After seeing this video from Carley Knobloch over at Digitwirl, it got me to thinking that what makes most people fearful is how do you protect & secure your information once you have tucked it away in the Cloud?

External drives have been a great option, but after 2-3 years those HDD & SSD’s are susceptible to being out dated, or plain lost. I know, and while I haven’t lost a drive, I do have a client who had one smashed to pieces, and that just plain sucked.

this could be your hard drive...

this could be your hard drive…

If the hacking of Target‘s sensitive data, and even more recently Snapchat, haven’t brought more light into securing your information, then perhaps larger company breaches may have to be the EYE Opener. Personally whatever happen to paying cash?

This is Bryon on a good day...

This is Bryon on a good day…

There are expensive paying safety measures, like Carbonite, but really there are cheaper alternatives that can store your data for free, or if you need more for a price they can do that for you. Organizations like Copy.com – aka Barracuda Networks, or Boxcryptor  which both are encrypted AND have both free and paid options.

There’s lots of answers out there and we can help you with those. Just ask!