Top 5 reasons you need to get Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams!


cloud-computing-saasI think we all remember my many battles with Adobe over the years.  Too many SKUs, not enough customer service, too many products that nobody understands…to name a few.  But those are my issues. 🙂  Today I wanted to talk to you about the top 5 reasons you need to be using Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams.  Everyone remember talking about Software As A Service?  Well this is the starter set. 🙂


Adobe CCT is the evolution of the Software Market.  Simple as that.  Everything is moving to Software As A Service, and these folks just forced the entire gamut of creative users and companies to join that movement.  Creative Cloud for Teams is a package for a user.  The 5 items below will explain more.

running from CS6 to CCT

1) Well you HAVE to get it – Defeatist?  Not really.  Staying relevant in the tech world is something that has to happen.  If you were still using the same computer you were in 2004, could you do what you can do with your new i7?  Yea, I don’t think so.  This does depend on what you are doing with the CS products, but if you’re using an up to date system, then you’ll want to use up to date software.  Purchasing this for your design team will help to keep them up to date & viable (see #2), and using products that pay for themselves quickly.  Is this for the average user?  They do have discounted version for students…so go take a class already! 🙂


2) Collaboration – Oh my yes.  This word matters a lot now.  Through the cloud setup that Adobe creates with CCT, collaboration on documents/projects has just become exponentially easier.  You have your shared workspace where your team who may not even be in the same city or continent can still reach out and keep projects up to date.  Thinking about how this went when I worked in publishing 9 years ago makes me shudder in fear.  This is also worth the price of admission.


3) More for your Money – CS has always been expensive…but Adobe is at the top of the market, and paying for quality stuff is always a good idea.  However…if you think you just need Illustrator and Photoshop, you’re sorely wrong.  You see, those two pieces of software…you can rent EACH of them from Adobe for $350 a year.  So for $700/year you can have those two…or for $799/year, you can have every single piece of software Adobe has in the CCT offering.  Last year at this time, Master Collection was $1800 and didn’t cover everything…so where’s the deal now?  Not only that but with CCT, your software doesn’t have to be updated…it’s done automatically at the source.  Again, more value than you’d think. 🙂


4) Budgeting – I am willing to believe that EVERYONE who has worked in IT has been told before “there’s no budget for updating this year”…not just for Adobe, but for most everything.  Well, again, by paying a yearly “subscription” for the product, you’re always up to date, and you can build it into your yearly budget.  If there’s one thing that Accounts Payable likes, is clockwork purchases that happen once a year.  So with the yearly update baked into this with the subscription, you’re assured to always be up to date with Adobe.


5) Living in the Past WILL Cripple Your Company –  Some will say that I’m being confrontational about this, and I know I am.  I see this every day in companies that need to come forward into 2014 (or at least 2010) because they are unwilling to spend to keep their Information Systems current.  From Networks, to Clients on the desks, to modern Printers, Virtualization, dynamic data storage and the like.  There’s a place to make sure that your company will be at the forefront of design…access to the newest tools creates employees who feel empowered, relevant and useful, which makes them more productive.

There you have it…my opinions, but really, you should be looking at this right now.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Adobe Creative Cloud

Much has been said about Adobe moving its business to the Cloud…with complaints on every side including folks in sales.  I’m not one to complain, but I wanted to make sure this post covered, why the Cloud, and what you can do to take advantage of it.

So why Creative Cloud for teams?  One of the biggest plagues that businesses go through is refreshing their software.  With Adobe refreshing every year, most folks were content to update their software every 3-4 years instead of being on top of new features…not that businesses were lazy…Adobe’s setup just made it expensive.  Now, with the Cloud model where you pay monthly (through adobe) or yearly (at a large discount from people like me), you can be up to date with the newest Adobe software.  The Creative Cloud for teams model actually works to your advantage in that:

  1. You have the most up to date software.
  2. Your team can collaborate & share files through the Adobe site
  3. The publishing services included help publish webistes and digital apps
  4. The creative cloud files folder online (100gb per user) allows you access from anywhere.
  5. Easily track usage and transfer seats while getting the Expert support from Adobe.

Right now there’s a special deal to get you and your company into the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Normally $70 a month ($840/year), until August 31 you can pick up a year subscription for $479.  Not bad right?  You can see more details here.   Let me know if you have questions!

Adobe cloud