Who wants to win stuff and get free stuff???


Yup no lie…I’ve got ways for you to win prizes and get some free stuff.  Not from me, but I don’t mind being a facilitator…so when you win something you’ll think of me right? 🙂

First…Sophos.  This company has come a long way since I came into this industry.  They have a new Sophos Cloud product that has some super fast deployment (no server to install) and like one of my favorites, Meraki, their management console is in Sophos’ Cloud.  One policy – multiple platforms, mobile management and device control…and it’s easy to use.  Watch this video here and download the free trial.  It’s worth a look. 🙂  Also PCM is doing a webcast about Sophos tomorrow September 25…yea I just found out about this today.   Sign up if you have time!

SolarWinds…one of my favorite IT Helper companies.  These folks offer all kinds of basic free tools, and some amazing advanced ones for network, security, optimization and databasing (that we offer for sale).  But here’s something you can win from them…a new Honda Ruckus ($2770 value) and an NPM V11 license ($2675 value).  Just download their Network Performance Monitor v11 software trial.  Build your quality experience dashboard, send them a snapshot and potentially win.   Easy.  If you don’t win and like the software, we can talk about how you can get the full version! 🙂

See?  Two quality things…and all you had to do was read this for less than 2 minutes.  Win! 🙂



Who’s worried about Java? Not this coffee lover!

I always find it amazing when I read negative commentary that “people are worried” about X, Y or Z.  Please…stop losing sleep over if Oracle’s patch to Java can protect your computer  from a “serious vulnerability.”  I think the average user of a computer is so darn afraid now to do anything they’re paralyzed when it comes to updating.  My own tech-savvy mother even wasn’t sure about some programs that Microsoft was suggesting to her.  MICROSOFT!

Look, just do the update and let Java fix the two exploits and turn its settings to HIGH.  Then nothing will run without your permission.  If you aren’t sure…don’t run it right?  Tell your employees that they might not get to play games on their desktop at lunch.  (how about a walk outside instead?)   If you’re truly concerned, disable it and wait…don’t worry, think, do and be happy. 🙂

Anyone else note in that Daily Breeze article it was some guy from a German anti-virus company that you’ve never heard of?   As my younger friends would say, “lulz”. 😉

Android Malware Explosion!

Well, this was an interesting article found by DragonTech’s Dwight Tabangcura from our own Daily Breeze down here in South Bay Los Angeles.  It’s an interesting thing to see…going from 400 incidents to over 15,000 in under a year.  This relates to you in a very special way…say it with me…Consumerization of IT.

Your people are bringing in smartphones to your environment…those Android units are logging into your WiFi, and likely doing things that their users can’t see.  How are you managing those phones?  Disallowing people to have phones?  Investing in specialized anti-virus programs?  How about having software in place on those devices that will protect your company?

Where do you get that?  Check out our friends at Mobile Iron.  They have a way to help you manage those devices, keep your network and company safe, AND…it’s not going to eat your budget for years to come.  Solutions like this aren’t easy…but nothing truly worth it actually is.

Take it to heart…Mobile Devices are starting their takeover of IT…and your company is on the list. 🙂

(Note that I’m not bragging that I called that this would happen with Android over a year ago…but I was right.)