I’m Electing Meraki to President of Topology!

Happy Election day everyone!  (For my US readers at least!)

Today I wanted to bring to light something new from Cisco’s Meraki switch products.  I know I’ve been a little lax lately in getting more of this information to you, but I’m doing my best to get back on the wagon. 🙂

So…your network topology is planned out and kept where?  A Vizio document?  Excel sheet saying what is where?  I have to say, 1996 called and they want their technology planning back. 🙂  Why?  Well Meraki’s gear (MS switches, MX security, and MR wireless) all have access to their new Topology feature.  (Click that link for something LONG from Meraki about it.)  What this comes down to is that mapping your network environment is something that either involves expensive software, or a diagramming savant who can track everything.  Do you have the time to do this?  Heck no!  Take a look at this screenshot from their built in tool…


Pretty sweet eh?  Now this does map more than just Meraki networking units, it will see what else is out there and report back to you on them…but in regards to the Meraki product, you can see reports on them from the Cloud tool right in the Topology map.

Say it with me…Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Now seriously, this is useful for you and would make a difference.  Get ONE Meraki switch, access point or Security appliance and CHECK IT OUT!  It is live as of October 31 on their Cloud Management tool! 🙂


Oh yes and remember..


Don’t Forget to Vote Today!


Are you really secure?

My good friend Joe at Cisco Meraki posted this article up on LinkedIn earlier today, and reading it this morning wasn’t scary, it was terrifyingly informative.  We are all plagued by security issues throughout our days, but either fail to stay vigilant (my debit card was hacked on Friday, and I still don’t know how, for example…thank you Chase for being good at catching stuff like that!) or choose to think that we are always safe.  Well this article below proves that anyone who is determined and has enough knowledge can and will own your information.


This writer isn’t a fool, yet he like many of us does foolish things…like with passwords.  You all remember my posts from the comic XDCD about passwords and how we think we’re clever trying to think like computers, but only make ourselves more vulnerable.  The author here does passwords like Gr4c1e…which is a hacker’s dream.  Small alphanumeric word.  You should always..ALWAYS…use a short sentence that means something to you…or at least a grouping of words into a phrase.  For example, a good work password is something you see every day, but only know how it fits into your password.  Looking out my office window across the street I see a company’s name in big bold letters…so I could make my password “Ratheonislookingatme13”.  Because of how hacks operate, to break that password would take near over 1000 years…yet it’s easier to remember than Gr4c1e.  Think about it…this technique has me being able to remember 30-40 different passwords based on where I am and how I access things…breaking them involves knowing how I think which isn’t easy to gather.

Yes, I don’t use that password…but it’s creative and I wish I hadn’t have shared it. 😉

Seriously…don’t let this article scare you…let it remind you to be better in how you handle your security.

Rut-Roh, Raggy! Meraki ras Radius!

Creative titles never come easy to me. 😉

Over on the Cisco Meraki Blog today, Ms. Emily Sporl announced today that Cisco Meraki switches will now have Mac-based Radius authentication, 1-Click DCHP server containment, and Mac whitelisting.  This is a huge step in the right direction for the Cisco Meraki switches.  While amazing in their own right, this will give them a strength previously unseen in Meraki’s switching environment.

Take a look and see!  And if you’re interested, join their webinar about switches here!

See what happens when you lament over not getting involved with Meraki sooner?












Have a great day! 🙂