Rut-Roh, Raggy! Meraki ras Radius!

Creative titles never come easy to me. 😉

Over on the Cisco Meraki Blog today, Ms. Emily Sporl announced today that Cisco Meraki switches will now have Mac-based Radius authentication, 1-Click DCHP server containment, and Mac whitelisting.  This is a huge step in the right direction for the Cisco Meraki switches.  While amazing in their own right, this will give them a strength previously unseen in Meraki’s switching environment.

Take a look and see!  And if you’re interested, join their webinar about switches here!

See what happens when you lament over not getting involved with Meraki sooner?












Have a great day! 🙂







It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It…

And I feel fine…

Here’s  a little tech year in review for you from the  folks at Engadget. 🙂  Really though, I don’t get to toot the Meraki horn enough on this blog…but I get to say in IT this was definitely the year of Meraki and real Cloud Computing.

The notion of Cloud Computing isn’t new, and a lot of the stuff we’re seeing now are actually better envisioned things of the past.  As far back as 1968, developers were talking about a shared data experience…but they had no idea what would occur just over 3o years later.  Many of us now in our daily lives store documents, music and photos in a form of online storage.  (Heck I use, Dropbox AND SkyDrive!  What can I say, I’ve got consolidation issues.)

But with Meraki’s Cloud Networking model taking off 4  years ago, and then exploding all over the scene in 2011 with their Wireless Cloud Networking, and then expanding into switches and security appliances in 2012…they had hit on something that wasn’t just forward thinking.  You see, Forward Thinking will either put yourself out of business, or get you laughed at until the idea actually catches on.  What they did was to make less work for IT people…a natural way to get a product adopted.  With that mantra of less time spent managing routers, switches and the wireless routers…early adopters of Meraki became its advocates as much as we salespeople are.

Now here they stand, being purchased by Cisco (who wants to maintain their leadership of the IT World by having the best technologies available) for $1.26 Billion dollars…and in all honesty, Cisco is going to make that money back in a year.  Everybody wins.

So this little company that I took a chance on (thanks to my now good friend at Meraki, James Enston) has grabbed the brass ring and held on tightly.  The reason is because through them we can see a glimpse of the future where things were just a bit easier on IT personnel…and they could run things smarter.

I may not be right all of the time…but when I’m right, I hit it on the head with a 10lb sledgehammer. 🙂

Happy New Year!


Magic Quadrant changeups

Good morning everyone!  “Virtual Mike” here with some interesting news about Gartner‘s new magic quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.  (That’s a mouthful for Wired & Wireless networking.)  While some folks don’t subscribe to Gartner’s rankings & listings, they almost always have a point to make.  Because of Consumerization of IT, CIOs and IT Directors are looking for and needing solutions and not just equipment.  The quadrant shows just how many visionary players are out there, and how they’re pushing forward.  The Leaders will always be the leaders, but with companies like Meraki & Aerohive leading the pack on the technical side of things, those are the companies you should be paying attention too.

I’ve been talking about Meraki for years now, and I”m going to toot my horn and say I was right about them.  These guys are looking to a future where wireless anywhere is easy, managing your internal devices is easier and free, and the software that manages your network should be as easy to use as possible, so you’re not wasting time trying to figure things out!

The Aerohive products look similar to Meraki’s, and I’m looking to see what more in-depth that they can do.  Maybe one of you all can investigate them for us and report back?  What do you say, my fellow Dragontech Lords? 🙂

If you want to free trial Meraki’s products (any of them) click here and talk to them.  They don’t sell direct, so they won’t hassle you…they’ll know you know me here at Dragontech and have me bother you. 😉

Tired of outdated technology in your conference room? Ditch the Star!

Lets face it, that polycomm/cisco star in the middle of your conference table hasn’t changed since the 80’s. That may be ok for the Member’s Only crowd but being hunched around the phone on a conference call is no longer new wave.

The folks over at RevoLabs hs totally redesigned the conference phone with modular, wireless design that puts your caller in the room with superior sound quality. The advantage of the system is that the omnidirectional microphone(s) can be placed where the people are talking, The speaker can be placed where it is best heard. The unit comes with 2 onmidirectional mikes so it can act as 2 of the “old” star phones. Optionally you can replace the second mike with a lapel mike for presentation environments.

It can connect to a cell with bluetooth or use a standard line plugged into your existing system.

Don’t take my word for it go to their site!