How to roll back your iPhone from 8.1 and not blow it up.


I hear things often like, “Leader hates Apple products” or “you’re a Microsoft elitist” or “you can’t call the iPhone a watch!  What does that mean?”…I’ll get into that later.  But, since some of my readers do use iPhones, and have users that worsh…use them…I wanted to provide this information I came across today about the newest iOS 8.1 software and how to get it off your new iPhone 6, because it’s bricking them.

(By the way…in reference to “bendgate“…if anyone puts their super thin smartphone in their pocket…front or back…without a case, and are surprised it bends…they should return it for a flip phone.)


Not often does a company issue software that bricks their phones, but Apple is the one who does it often.  Some would say this is really a problem because so many people have iPhones…but it’s not just that.  It’s so many people have iPhones that shouldn’t have a smartphone.  It’s like having a fancy car/lawnmower/watch that you don’t know how to fix when it goes wrong.  Because of that we see things like the “Wave Technology” issues with people microwaving their iPhones to charge them.  We just shake our heads and wonder what’s wrong with people…when it’s average people who are super-gullible and believe everything they see, coupled with ignorance of how technology/machinery works.  If you know someone who doesn’t understand how an iPhone works or a Microwave works…please read these links for a starter course.

wave melting

Now…for those if you having issues with iOS 8.0.1 bricking your brand-spanking new iPhone 6 unit…here’s a solution from the folks at CNet.

Apple issued an update on Wednesday to fix various bugs in its iOS operating system. The iOS 8.0.1 update, however, appeared to do more harm than good for some users. Numerous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners complained that they were no longer able to make calls, send texts, or use Touch ID after updating their devices. Apple has since pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update from its servers. If you have already updated your device, here’s how you can roll it back to iOS 8By downloading the final build of iOS 8 as it was released as an IPSW file, you can restore your iPhone to the latest stable version. To begin downloading the IPSW file, head over to this site and select your device from the drop-down menu. This is an official copy from Apple that we are being pointed to from a third-party site. We used this method to restore our own iPhone and can confirm it works. The download may take a few minutes depending on your Internet connection. To download the iOS 8 IPSW file directly, click on the name of your device below. Note that this will automatically begin downloading the file to your computer.
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
Once the file has been downloaded, connect your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to your computer and open iTunes. Select under the backup options “this computer,” then hit “Back Up Now.” This takes a full snapshot of your contacts, email, apps and settings, and stores it on your computer. On iTunes in Windows, hold down the Shift key and click the Restore option. Next, select your iPhone’s IPSW file and follow the prompts. Those of you on OS X, hold down Alt key and click the Restore option in iTunes. Next, select your iPhone’s IPSW file and follow the prompts.  Wait for the IPSW to unload on your iPhone. You may need to disable “Find my iPhone” first, found in your iCloud settings. Once your iPhone has been restored to iOS 8, your iPhone will be wiped clean. All you have to do now is restore the backup from iTunes.  Click “Restore backup,” select the latest backup you just performed, and wait for the process to complete.

Simple right? 🙂


Malware will invade your iPhone!

Here’s a great reblog from the folks over at Barracuda.  They have been very proactive with their information in the past month, and are taking action that should be applauded.

Many spammers/malware developers have been buying legitimate apps over the past couple years in order to compromise their users with infected updates.  So your IOS setup isn’t going to protect you from things like this.  Internal attacks will rip your life apart…don’t be a statistic. 🙂

Read the article here.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

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Air Ball!

Wow.  Today marks the release event for Apple’s new iPad, and Mac Pro.   Or should I say, “Airball right over the Ashcan.”  Sigh…I miss the innovention that used to come with new Apple events…that showed us advances in technology and how their products were going to change our lives.  Today all we get is a million dollar dog & pony show that shows us something that weighs less.

Yes, I can see that it uses the new A7 chip…and that means nothing to consumers who want to buy your devices.  They don’t understand it, and I only choose to understand it because I work in this industry.  Times were that you did a large product announcement to show off features that made us say “wow that’s going to change how I do business” or “that is going to be SO much easier now”.  Unfortunately those times are gone…instead we hear technogobbletygook about a new processor and how light something is.  Great so it can fit into more purses and murses out there.

The new Mac Pro?  The Ashcan.  The Mac Pro was THE unit to customize to your every hardware need.  The new one is as customizable as a mid 2000’s E-Machine.  Yes it’s kitschy and interesting-looking…oooh lots of ports you don’t need…nothing new outside of trying to make sure that you are a forever buyer of Apple products from Apple…surely not anyone else.

To quote a comment I saw today on CNet’s review of the Apple iPad Air, “Underwhelmed?  That’s an overstatement for Apple these days.”   We should all hold a wake and watch Apple sail off into the world of Microsoft during the days of ME and XP…where they dominated the world with nothing but bluster and hot air.  Disappointment is the word of the day, boys and girls.

Happy Friday the Fifth of Hell…

Hey…are you working today?  No?  Shush then.  If you’re at work today and reading this…contact me.  I’d love to talk to you.  Use the contact page here if you don’t have my information.

Now that’s out of the way…there’s technically not much in tech news today.  One of the biggest innovators in the history of computers, Douglas Engelbart – creator of the Mouse (in 1968!) and other things, passed away on Tuesday night at age 88. Word is that he disliked the nickname “mouse” for the unit, but it stuck.  Without him you couldn’t navigate this page at all because he was one of the creators of ARPANET, the forerunner to the worldwideweb…and we should remember him for that.

How did you celebrate your 4th of July?  My friends and I blew up things as is our nature. (Scary…we’re adults…sorta.)  I wanted to bring this toy to the party, but apparently my cred isn’t good enough for a loan…

Apple is being sued by Boston University for using something they patented in iOS7…something that 99% of the people who use iPhones don’t know what it is or how it works.  (They also are the ones who don’t understand how a microwave oven works…if you don’t understand that, click the link please. 🙂 )  Just understand it has something to do with the screen and semiconductors.  Here’s a link to the patent.  If you can figure that out, call me…I’d love to hear it.

Lastly…George Orwell would have been 110 back on June 25th.  To celebrate the author’s birthday, two Dutch entrepreneurs went around the city of Utrecht, placing party hats on CCTV cameras pointed at their populace.  People here complain about their rights being trampled on?  Try living in other countries where you don’t even have the rights to start with.

“Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed- no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.” – George Orwell, 1984

I’ll end on a favorite Thomas Jefferson quote.  He wasn’t a perfect man…but we owe him much and should remember what he and many of our founding fathers taught us.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Thomas Jefferson

Have a happy weekend and see you all back here on monday! 🙂

LinkedIn’s broken password chain

(Thank you Steve Richardson at Digital Dynamics for this)

I know this isn’t the standard cool IT stuff that you should know & care about…but it’s something worth noting.  Looks like according to LinkedIn’s own page and twitter feed, that they were hacked this week, losing over 600,000 encrypted passwords….of which maybe a third were cracked.

So if you’re on LinkedIn, change your password.  The spam is starting to erupt there already.

In the meantime, I’m running a contest.  If you sign up for a free webex 14 day trial, I’ll put you in a raffle to win a $5 starbucks gift card (or a $5 gift card somewhere).  But you need to contact me for the link and I’ll put your name in the raffle.

Click here to contact me. 🙂

Symantec in the Cloud…with Diamonds

Howdy folks…Happy Thursday afternoon!

I was quite happy to get an email from my Symantec business development manager today…because it contains an invitation for you, our clients, to learn about something new.

Starting on May 15, Symantec is holding weekly webinars on their setup through .  Here’s their schedule:

Every Tuesday – Demo on Email, Web, and Endpoint (
Every Thursday – Demo on Enterprise ( and Backup (

You can register now here:  Or read some information about it here.

I’ve seen this product and I think it’s worth your time to take a serious look at it.  Join in!  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Managing your systems for…Free!

The word Free is now an ignored word in many ways.  When people overuse it, the true meaning of it falls away into jargon and disbelief.   You hear things like this:

“Oh SURE this is ‘free’…I don’t believe it.  What’s the catch?”


“Nothing is ever free my boy, you always pay in the end.”

I never said there wasn’t a rider to something that’s free, but in this case, a single phone call is better than shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a real system to manage your environment.

The Meraki Systems Director is something I’ve been talking about with my clients for the past few weeks.  Recently, Meraki actually made it free for download, (in my opinion) to show everyone how good the backbone that their products run on, and as a thank you for those of us working hard to show others their goodness.  You can download it right here, but if you’re still skeptical of a Free system to manage your desktops, laptops and iOS devices…give me a call.

I want to talk to you about it…heck, I’ll even give you read access to my own Meraki network so you can see it for yourselves.  I’d like to hope that my happy clients would join in here to say what they said when they saw how good it is…because the shock & amazement is a good marker on how much something like this is needed.  (Hey, it runs on ANY network…why?  Because it only pushes out agents that report to your dashboard on Meraki’s servers…THAT easy.)

If you like it, I would hope you’ll contact us to help you purchase some Meraki wireless, Security Appliances, or switches.  They will compliment the System Director nicely, and you’ll be really happy for it.