Who wants to win stuff and get free stuff???


Yup no lie…I’ve got ways for you to win prizes and get some free stuff.  Not from me, but I don’t mind being a facilitator…so when you win something you’ll think of me right? 🙂

First…Sophos.  This company has come a long way since I came into this industry.  They have a new Sophos Cloud product that has some super fast deployment (no server to install) and like one of my favorites, Meraki, their management console is in Sophos’ Cloud.  One policy – multiple platforms, mobile management and device control…and it’s easy to use.  Watch this video here and download the free trial.  It’s worth a look. 🙂  Also PCM is doing a webcast about Sophos tomorrow September 25…yea I just found out about this today.   Sign up if you have time!

SolarWinds…one of my favorite IT Helper companies.  These folks offer all kinds of basic free tools, and some amazing advanced ones for network, security, optimization and databasing (that we offer for sale).  But here’s something you can win from them…a new Honda Ruckus ($2770 value) and an NPM V11 license ($2675 value).  Just download their Network Performance Monitor v11 software trial.  Build your quality experience dashboard, send them a snapshot and potentially win.   Easy.  If you don’t win and like the software, we can talk about how you can get the full version! 🙂

See?  Two quality things…and all you had to do was read this for less than 2 minutes.  Win! 🙂



Heartbleed Alert – Sophos

From my friends at Sophos earlier today.  If you’re using their software, pay VERY close attention…


 SOPHOS – OpenSSL Vulnerability –

     ***Patch required for Sophos UTM***

On 7 April 2014 a critical vulnerability was revealed in OpenSSL. By exploiting this vulnerability affected systems could be altered to expose sensitive data from system memory.

Action required: We advise customers to apply the patches supplied by Sophos at the earliest opportunity, see details and links below.

Sophos product(s) and version(s) affected:

You can find more information on the Sophos Knowledge Base.

The official CVE is tracked with more info here and mentions versions of OpenSSL used in some Sophos products.The affected versions of Open SSL are 1.0.1 and 1.0.2-beta releases including 1.0.1f and 1.0.2-beta1.

Read more about the anatomy of the attack on nakedsecurity. This vulnerability is not limited to Sophos products. Other products running the affected versions of OpenSSL may be impacted as well so please refer to your vendors’ websites for details.


Should you have questions or require further assistance please contact your Sophos Partner. They will be glad to assist you.


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Back up to that Cloud!

Hello Dragontech followers! I’m Bryon Sosnowski, the PCM Dragontech team’s new IT Solution Medic. Adding to the belief that if I don’t tell you who I am, you’re going to think Mike is crazy(er), there should be another post this week from our 4th team member, Stacy…and she is Not-Mike too. 😉  Seriously though, we are working together to bring you more news, information and discussion than Mike could do by himself.  So, you should get used to more info and more fun!

You know, having to utilize the Cloud on any given day is nice… Nice that you can store/place YOUR personal, pictures, & of course confidential info in a storage area offsite from where you are, keeping it easily accessible. After seeing this video from Carley Knobloch over at Digitwirl, it got me to thinking that what makes most people fearful is how do you protect & secure your information once you have tucked it away in the Cloud?

External drives have been a great option, but after 2-3 years those HDD & SSD’s are susceptible to being out dated, or plain lost. I know, and while I haven’t lost a drive, I do have a client who had one smashed to pieces, and that just plain sucked.

this could be your hard drive...

this could be your hard drive…

If the hacking of Target‘s sensitive data, and even more recently Snapchat, haven’t brought more light into securing your information, then perhaps larger company breaches may have to be the EYE Opener. Personally whatever happen to paying cash?

This is Bryon on a good day...

This is Bryon on a good day…

There are expensive paying safety measures, like Carbonite, but really there are cheaper alternatives that can store your data for free, or if you need more for a price they can do that for you. Organizations like Copy.com – aka Barracuda Networks, or Boxcryptor  which both are encrypted AND have both free and paid options.

There’s lots of answers out there and we can help you with those. Just ask!


Are you really secure?

My good friend Joe at Cisco Meraki posted this article up on LinkedIn earlier today, and reading it this morning wasn’t scary, it was terrifyingly informative.  We are all plagued by security issues throughout our days, but either fail to stay vigilant (my debit card was hacked on Friday, and I still don’t know how, for example…thank you Chase for being good at catching stuff like that!) or choose to think that we are always safe.  Well this article below proves that anyone who is determined and has enough knowledge can and will own your information.


This writer isn’t a fool, yet he like many of us does foolish things…like with passwords.  You all remember my posts from the comic XDCD about passwords and how we think we’re clever trying to think like computers, but only make ourselves more vulnerable.  The author here does passwords like Gr4c1e…which is a hacker’s dream.  Small alphanumeric word.  You should always..ALWAYS…use a short sentence that means something to you…or at least a grouping of words into a phrase.  For example, a good work password is something you see every day, but only know how it fits into your password.  Looking out my office window across the street I see a company’s name in big bold letters…so I could make my password “Ratheonislookingatme13”.  Because of how hacks operate, to break that password would take near over 1000 years…yet it’s easier to remember than Gr4c1e.  Think about it…this technique has me being able to remember 30-40 different passwords based on where I am and how I access things…breaking them involves knowing how I think which isn’t easy to gather.

Yes, I don’t use that password…but it’s creative and I wish I hadn’t have shared it. 😉

Seriously…don’t let this article scare you…let it remind you to be better in how you handle your security.

Drobo in the NY Times

For those of you who haven’t heard about Drobo, they do produce an amazing product for smaller companies when it comes to backup, but they also produce a larger set of models that are starting to take hold in the large SMB and Enterprise spaces.    It was great to see this piece in the NY Times the other day, and is a nice, easy explanation about their product.  Take a look and see!

Skype Ransomworm…

Howdy folks!  Back again after being out 3.5 days last week…and it’s taken 2 days to catch up!  😛

Going to start this entry’s off with a doozie…the Skype Ransomworm.  I actually hadn’t heard about this until a couple of friends mentioned it yesterday…and oh heck it’s something to pay attention to!  Trend Micro has a good write up on their site here, but let me give you the basics.

This is a version of the Dorkbot worm that goes through the standards of stealing every single login and password you have to become a part of a botnet.  Typical Worm stuff…but it’s coming out of Skype contact lists…and it’s demanding money.  Some of the emails sent by this virus will contain a link that’ll download ransomware onto computers, demanding $200 be sent or the computer will be shutdown/erased/etc.

In the first 24 hours, TrendMicro had blocked over 2000 instances.  While not a OMGWTFBBQ moment, it’s always good to be aware. 🙂

Something for you to ponder (make sure your AV is up to date) while I prepare a dissertation on what I was taught up at Meraki’s offices last week.  I’ll be sure to share as soon as I have time. 🙂


Have a great rest of your day! 🙂

LinkedIn’s broken password chain

(Thank you Steve Richardson at Digital Dynamics for this)

I know this isn’t the standard cool IT stuff that you should know & care about…but it’s something worth noting.  Looks like according to LinkedIn’s own page and twitter feed, that they were hacked this week, losing over 600,000 encrypted passwords….of which maybe a third were cracked.

So if you’re on LinkedIn, change your password.  The spam is starting to erupt there already.

In the meantime, I’m running a contest.  If you sign up for a free webex 14 day trial, I’ll put you in a raffle to win a $5 starbucks gift card (or a $5 gift card somewhere).  But you need to contact me for the link and I’ll put your name in the raffle.

Click here to contact me. 🙂