Who Can You Turn To At Your Critical Moment?


The question really is:

Often as your daily jobs mount up on top of projects and emergencies in IT, you need someone to turn to.  Whether it’s for a solution or a sounding board, you go to your trusted advisor(s).  But who is that really?

The Answer:

Myself and the PCM Dragontech team.

Who can you rely on to be there for you when you need the help, and your back is against the wall?

As an IT employee or buyer, some days are difficult because you’re being pulled in 8 different directions at once. Having a trusted adviser or two to help you find new products or to help you get what you need is critical to your day. Enter myself and PCM…we can help you get the advice you need, get in touch with the right manufacturers & engineers, and get the products that are essential to your business. If I don’t know it, I’ve got a friend or co-worker who does, and we would love to help you with any challenges you have. From hardware, to software to our specialty, Services…I can help you get done what you need to get done.

Why We Make a Good Match With You

I know how to work with my clients to help find them the solution that they need. Sometimes not what they expect, but we don’t always need what we think we do. I’m a highly trusted adviser to all of my clients…and I want to be one for you too!

How Our Cycle Works With You:

  1. Discover

    First, let’s schedule some time to talk on the phone. We’d like to learn about what you’re trying to solve, and a bit about your processes as well. The more that we know, the better the resources we can bring to bear to help you.

  2. Connect

    Here’s where we pull together our connections in the industry  to help find solutions for your situation. Whether it be a manufacturer partner, one of our internal technical resources, or even just me…we can help you get the information you need.

  3. Solve

    This is both the easiest and hardest part. We’ll set you up with the solution you need…and even do the installation if you want! If you need multiple solution options, that’s always possible too. Most important is to solve your issue.

I’m Mike Leader…THE Time Lord of IT Consulting from PCM.  You can see by the link there how I can help you…but not only me, the whole Dragontech team can as well.  DwightStacyRickBryon…all of them are just as willing to step in and help you as I am.  The size of the problem or pain doesn’t matter…what matters is you get the help you need to solve it. Talk to my team today and we can help you.


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